Girl 6
red brindle extreme white
Sara Bernhardt or since naming her after a drama queen could
be unfortunate, maybe Lillian Gish?
Girl 4
Spotted Mahogany
Clara Bow
Girl 7
Irish Marked red
The Great Garbo
or GG

Kohana's IM Aidan
ISWS Ch. Kumbaya Kilauea Morgandell

the Silent Stars Seven
whelped March 8th 2012
& 4 days old.
Morgandell Silken Windhounds
photos of Kohana IM Aidan
taken by Christine Port.
Girl 3
Silver brindle Theda Bara
Boy # 2
Fairbanks - Silver Brindle
Boy 5
IM Red -  Valentino
Girl # 1
Ms. Harlow
She's a champagne color and perhaps fawn
or blue fawn
Pele with her breeder Kent on
the lead.
4 dys
1 wk
2 wks
3 wks
4 wks
5 wks
6 wks
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8 wks
<<<< Red girl
Red Boy >>>
Red Girl
Girl 6
Sara Bernhardt
^ Silver Brindle girl on left
      Boy on the right
<<<red BOY
1 year pictures