9 weeks
The baby sister Puppy 4
Morgandell Voyager Sarafias

is Salla's Pocket sized Diva
only 19 inches at 10 months of age
Our Morgandell Crazy Heart (needs one more UKC win)
enjoyed an August tryst with
the handsome blonde UKC Ch. Aigrette's Golden Key

Our "Adventurers" litter was whelped Oct 6, 2012

Morgandell Silken Windhounds
UKC Ch.Aigrette's Golden Key SRC GRC
on an Oregon beach summer of 2012
Boy 2
Morgandell Explorer
is in North Carolina with
Sue Grebeldinger
Boy# 1 - 5 weeks
Morgandell Traveler
Blondie at BooFest
October 2011 - 18 months.
Cooper still at the beach
Blondie at practice

9 wks
5 weeks
8 weeks
9 weeks
5 months
Drifter a little less than 4  months
Boy #3
Morgandell Vagabond
Owned and loved by Jane Taylor

9 wks
4 1/2 months
10 months
8 months
Race practice
1 year WD BooFEst