Puppies arrived August 1, 2014

By ISWS CH., UKC GRCH BooFest BISS winner at 13 months
Morgandell Vagabond
owned by Jane Taylor
of Winsome Silken Windhounds in Washington state
Kristull Ermine of Morgandell (GRC pointed)

Morgandell Silken Windhounds
Photo by Iola Stetson
Dave Mills photo
2 more points will  earn her a GRC title
Sire RBIS, BISS UKC Ch. Aigrette's Golden Key GRC, SRC
Dam:      UKC Ch. Morgandell Crazy Heart
Sire   Kristull Jackoranda
Dam    Kristull Encore
(Loving Heart)
-Lily- #1 puppy girl
#1 is a charming little irish marked golden girl.  To make
up for her rambunctious ways, she is always first trying
for lap time. Lily walking around at Kirigin Cellars in
Gilroy for BooFest. A sweet 12 week old. Also shown at
her new home in San Diego with her new brother Shane
"Evening Falls"
-Lucca- #2 puppy boy
Shown here at 9 weeks a week before going
home to live with Brandi in West Sacramento.
"Fallen Embers"
(Shooting Stars)
-Amber- #3 puppy girl
#3 has lost her grey spots. She is a solid
build like her mom, but not nearly so large.
We love her bold friendly nature and
beautiful face (not shown here)
living near Santa Barbara-
"Storms in Africa"
(The Dreamer)
-Lyra- #4 puppy girl
Girl #4 is a dreamy Irish marked silver
sable. She's comes running when I call
puppy puppy puppy and jumps in my lap.
This one has stolen my heart. She will be
staying at Morgandell

13 weeks
"Final Fantasy"
(Video Game)
-Glory- #5 puppy girl
#5 is a spotted silver sable girl. She is another bold
and active little lady always in the thick of things. Got
to find the hole in the fence she can escape through
or maybe she's so quick she's going  between my
legs when I come and go.
Staying at Morgandell
13 weeks
"Celtic Kristull"
(Game of Thrones Queen)
-Circe- #6 puppy girl
This is a pretty little girl has always been a
favorite. She's a little spoiled as all the smaller
ones here seem to get a little extra house time as
protection from siblings due to size. This is
The One.

-She will be joining the Kristull Ranch pack-
(Word to the Wise)
- Druid - #7 puppy boy
#7 a pretty fellow in spotted silver sable He's a
looker and oh so fuzzy. Love the head on this
boy.  No family jewels even now at 13 weeks

Druid is still Available

to a Racing/Companion home
(Everlasting Love)
-Bella- #8 puppy girl
#8 is a looker in Irish marked buff. She is
definitely darker golden than the others and on
the larger side. She's a little quieter than some
of her siblings, but still plays hard and likes the
lure toys. A very nice girl seriously considered
as my "keeper". It will be difficult letting her go.

Bella was sold this week. She is going to a
lovely family with children in Roseville, CA
13 weeks
"To Go Beyond"
#9 puppy boy
Boy #9 is the Irish marked classic silver sable
color and pattern. He's a big handsome well
built boy. And quite a flirt too.
Living in Colorado with Tina Klahn who took
these photos of her baby boy
Our Songs of Eire Litter
Puppies shown at 8 weeks

All the 8 week photos taken by Iola Stetson.
Thank you Iola (and Jane) for your awesome assistance
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Thanks to Iola
Stetson for the cute
puppy Punkin's at
BooFest  12 weeks
Iola Stetson photo
credit on this little
skeleton girl