Puppies arrived August 1, 2014

By ISWS CH., UKC GRCH BooFest BISS winner at 13 months
Morgandell Vagabond
owned by Jane Taylor
of Winsome Silken Windhounds in Washington state
Kristull Ermine of Morgandell (GRC pointed)

Morgandell Silken Windhounds
Photo by Iola Stetson
Dave Mills photo
2 more points will  earn her a GRC title
Sire RBIS, BISS UKC Ch. Aigrette's Golden Key GRC, SRC
Dam:      UKC Ch. Morgandell Crazy Heart
Sire   Kristull Jackoranda
Dam    Kristull Encore
(Loving Heart)
-Lily- #1 puppy girl
#1 is a charming little irish marked golden girl. Still not
completely co-operative about photos today. She is a loving
little hell raiser and even agreeing to stack for Iola's camera.
Well mostly she held still. To make up for her rambunctious
ways, she is always first trying for lap time.
Living in San Diego with the Klausing family
and their Tangaloor boy Shane.
"Evening Falls"
-Lucca- #2 puppy boy
Brandi is so excited about the day he gets to come
home with her. What a happy charming young man
she has chosen. He was a bit sleepy and didn't
photograph as well this week. More photo soon.
-Located in West Sacramento-
"Fallen Embers"
(Shooting Stars)
-Amber- #3 puppy girl
#3 has lost her grey spots. She is a solid
build like her mom, but not nearly so large.
We love her bold friendly nature
-sold living near Santa Barbara-
"Storms in Africa"
(The Dreamer)
-Lyra- #4 puppy girl
Girl #4 is a dreamy irish marked silver
sable. She's comes running when I call
puppy puppy puppy and tries to jump in
my lap. This one has stolen my heart
"Final Fantasy"
(Video Game)
-Glory- #5 puppy girl
#5 is a spotted silver sable girl. Maybe Wild Child is a
more appropriate name as she is another bold and
active little lady always in the thick of things. She
asks to be held when not running wild.
"Celtic Kristull"
(Game of Thrones Queen)
-Circe- #6 puppy girl
This is a pretty little girl with a soft expression as
well as disposition. She is quite out going with her
siblings but has been reserved in strange
surrounding. This stage is passing into normalcy
and she cuddles quite well now.

-She will be joining the Kristull Ranch pack-
(Word to the Wise)
- Druid - #7 puppy boy
#7 a pretty fellow in spotted silver sable marked
heavily enough to be mistaken for an Irish
marking. This boy is a little slower moving due to
his puppy fat, but sweet and trying to run off the
chubbiness. He's a looker and oh so fuzzy. Love
the head on this boy. We are waiting to see if
the missing jewels appear. They should show up
soon. He is available to a companion home
(Everlasting Love)
-Bella- #8 puppy girl
#8 is a looker in irish marked buff. She is
definitely darker golden than the others.
These photos finally do justice in showing her
femininity. She's another lap puppy that gives no
quarter to her siblings.
"To Go Beyond"
#9 puppy boy
Boy #9 is the Irish marked classic silver sable
color and pattern. He's a big handsome well
built boy. And quite a flirt too.
Living in Colorado
Our Songs of Eire Litter
Puppies shown at 8 weeks

All the 8 week photos taken by Iola Stetson.
Thank you Iola (and Jane) for your awesome assistance
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