Pele's first litter was sired by
IABCA Champion Kohana's Pardon My Dust
whelped on March 13th, 2010
Puppy page
2008 & 2009 & 2010
October 4
BooFest Non- Qualifying
Regional Specialty
Winners Bitch
from the 9-12 Puppy class
Judge Sally
5 point major
June 21st
NCA All-Breed in Seattle
Winners, BOB and Rare
Breed Grp First
Jan Schreiber
possible 4 pts
August 23, 2009
NW Fest Non-Qualifying Point
Show at Allagante Ranch
Winners Bitch
Clair Manch
5 point major
August 8, 2010
NAKC Placerville shows
Winners Bitch - BOW
Carol Chase
NAKC 5 pt major
August 8, 2010
NAKC Placerville shows
Winners Bitch - BOW
Sheila Grant
NAKC 5 pt major
October 30,
BooFest 2010
Winners Bitch - BOW
Ann Chamberlain
ISWS Specialty
5 point major
Thanks to  Donna
Winton for this
lovely candid of
Pele in the ring at
Seattle last June.
She is almost 18
months here.
Invictus  (Rio) - Carrier male
Lives in Santa Rosa with Pat
Pele in the Ring at BooFest 08 with Audrey Hsia.
Great Job! Audrey!
The incomparable Miss Pele is exotic in the extreme.
Yet  even going through a lanky stage her impeccable side gait has
moments of brilliance. This earned her
Winners at the SWC BooFest
Regional. We are thrilled and she could care less...
new ISWS Ch. Kumbaya Kilauea Morgandell
"Pele" Goddess of the Volcano
Kilauea is the youngest and southeastern most volcano on the Big Island of Hawai`i.
Kilauea is the home of Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess
The caldera itself has no Hawaiian name other than Kilauea but houses the famous crater, Halema`uma`u; "hale" is a house, "ma`uma`u" a type
of fern.  Kamapua`a, a jilted suitor of Pele, is said to have built a house of ferns over Halema`uma`u to keep
Pele from escaping her home and causing eruptions. The ploy failed
DEC 29, 2007
OFA Cardio test
SWH-CA128/17F/P-VP1 Normal
CERF status
SWH-267/2009-18        Normal
OFA Thyroid
SWH-TH137/39F9VPI  Normal
tested Normal/Cler
Tested Norma/Clear
Photo by Dave Mills
Pictured here dressed in her Golden Hound -
collar - at the Duck Pond in January.
Secret of Kells (Chelsea) is a
clear girl we are sharing with
Carmen in San Rafael, CA
Coraline - Clear girl
living 2 blocks from
Golden Gate park with
Kit Quan
Up In the Air (Uita) is
another clear girl living at
Kumbaya with Kent and Jay.
She sleeps on Jay's pillow
Crazy Heart (Blondie) - a  
beautiful clear girl that has
proven impossible to part with.
Bright Star (Kira Meira) Clear girl
Living in Sebastopol, CA.with
Imaginarium (Austin) Lives in
Washington with
John and Doreen Carlstad
Avatar is our clear
boy now in
Alameda with Jesse
Pele as a puppy

9- 10 weeks of age
In August 2010 Pele was awarded two NAKC
majors adding 10 more to her 14 non Specialty
points. BooFest 2010 saw her capture the
coveted Specialty major to complete her
with a total of 29 points.

We had fun dragging it out. We hope to
complete her NAKC title next month.

Mission accomplished in January 2011
at Placerville, CA

Next challenge will be the UKC
Morgandell Silken Windhounds
at  3 Years
Link to Avatar
Link to Blondie
Link to Chelsea
Link to childrens page
sired by Kohana I M Aidan
arrived in a veritable rainbow of colors
2 Boys and 5 girls.
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