Morgandell Borzoi & Silken Windhounds
Other Littermates
out of IABCA Ch. Kohana Pardon My Dust X
NAKC, ISWS Champion Kumbaya Kilauea Morgandell
Imaginarium (Austin)
6 months and 10 months
Is the devoted companion of Jhon Carlstad who fell in love with
our Silken boys (Dusty and Blaze) when we visited friends and
family in the Pacific Northwest. Austin's best friend is the cat
with whom he hunts daily. He is as beautiful as he is charming.
at about a year.
Living in Alamedea with Jesse Saranoff, they
walk the Oakland Hills daily but can also be met
at the local beaches from time to time with the
family IGs, Olive and Amore.
Kira Meira Bright Star
at a 14 months and at 8 months
Kira is the love of
Andrea Rosenfield of Sebastopol, CA
and helps Andrea in marathon training and as baby
Buddha in her therapy occupation. Head study by Dave
Milles SF 2011 photographer.

Pack pal, cousin
Kumbaya Pecan Metuka is a daughter of
Loki and Sandy. Metuka is Peter Wolf's therapy dog and
she shines at helping
Peter, her best friend.
Invictus (Rio)
at a year and at SilkenFest 14 months
Rio is in training as an obedience demo dog and partaking of
agility and other training with owner
Pat Engle in Santa
Rosa, CA
Up In The Air (Uita)
4.5 months and 7 months
Lives near Austin TX with Kent, Jay and all the

Kumbaya Silkens
Uita regularly hunts small game
on the ranch with success. She's a provider.
is the most joyous of Silkens. Her spirit and social
graces will never be quenched. She is adored by Kit
and can be met at Crissy Field or at Fort Funston in
San Francisco where she often plays.
Rio, Kira, Blondie and Tukie at the Wolf
home in Sebastopol for a visit and handling
instruction prior to the upcoming Calistoga
Silkenfest 2011
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