Champion Morgandell Back In Black
Headstudy art by Rebecca Peffer
Taken in a field outside Denver after
RMBC 2007 by Cyndi
Bashir is owned and loved by Sara Ose of Sohounds Kennels near  
Cambridge, Minnesota.

Below, the family group in the same field with puppy Niles, Sohounds Equinox next to
Bashir, then Teine Voluspa Prophecy -"Vala", and Ch. Regius One Star in Sight - Shelby.  Shel
and puppy Niles departed for Washington with me shortly after this was snapped.
Sara even has her Styx t-shirt on. The band that provided the theme of her first Borzoi litter.
Morgandell Borzoi
Thank you Sara for providing him
such a great and loving home.

At Christmas, 2009, Sara sent me this tale. Like most of our dogs, hers have little opportunity to
do                                              any real hunting but they still have the instinct.

From Sara:
After getting home from my family's Xmas gathering, I put Bashir & a couple other dogs out.
Bashir saw something moving in the dog yard & took off like a bat outta hell.  I noticed
something moving, and realized it's one of the cottontail that have been in my storage shed.  
The rabbit goes around my propane tank, fast turn around the dog houses, and backtracks
between the dog houses and the "puppy pen" chain link fence and is trying to get back
toward the gate to get out through the fencing.  Bashir is RIGHT ON IT, and gets himself a
bunny right in front of my eyes.  :)

He knows what his job is. Keeping those cottontail out of the garden!
Bashir at 7 years of age. Son of our
Ch. Morgandell Auburn Sierra X Stillwater Mtn. Laurel