Morgandell Auburn Melodie
Borzoi  Our  "Kennedy" is  
Morgandell Auburn Melodie   
Our Kennedy has moved back to Washington. Her show career was
cut short and she needed more petting. Always on center stage, she
is getting the life she deserves with Harry and Monty in West Seattle.

Visit her siblings Ch. Regius Test For Echo (Spot), Morgandell
Regius Harmony, Regius Morgandell Metronome (Rocket),
Morgandell Regius Impromptu (CJ), Regius Morgandell Madrygal
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Ch. Lunacharsky Morgandell SC SRC
Champion Lunacharsky Morgandell S.C. GRC
"Orbit" our big loveable tri boy was running well until a
serious spill in 2006 ended his running career. Still before
that happened he did get an opportunity at open field and
ran well in a Breed Hunt of younger more experienced
Borzoi. He ended with a fourth place ribbon out of 10-12
entrants. Not bad for an older beginner. He was always on
the lure, but the JACKS? He could not have been more
enthusiastic.  We lost him this summer of 2009 and miss
his commanding presence still.

                       link to siblings

Rising Star Kiowa
Rising Star Kiowa
A big good natured fellow with enough love
to nurture the Silken babies. It's awesome
to see his tenderness with them..
Auburn's Imangine Paradise
Auburn's Imagine Paradise
Our three year old, "Cedric" named after the Handsome
Wizard in the Harry Potter books, graces the bed with all
the good looks one could hope for. A gentle nature goes
with the loving and handsome beauty of this fellow.
Borscana Iron Maiden
Borscana Iron Maiden
"Raisa" swept us all off our feet with a WB, BoW and BOS at the BCOC specialty
as a puppy. She garnered three more BOB wins in 2007.

"Raisa" has taken a break from showing to visit Karen and Michael Berry in
Southern California for a leased litter co-bred with Terry Doane. Visit the
Svershin website for more details. Visit Terry and Karen on Facebook

This little Swede came from
Borscana Borzoi
CHIC# 72763
Madonna & Mariah
Borzoi sisters
These are the two girls we adopted last July when
owner/breeder Barry Stevens passed away. We
had the space and both have brought great joy to
our household. They are
Zuni's Dream Catcher
"Mariah" and Zuni's Dream Chaser "Madonna"...
Madonna has a very high opinion of herself. She
truly believes that the very best and most
important Borzoi are White in color. Mariah thinks
she has a swelled head. Both girls will celebrate  
their 12th birthday in February 2010 and are
doing grandly.

At the Rainbow Bridge

Auburn's Rainier of Morgandell   Fall 2005
Ch. Auburn's Mt. Hood late         Oct, 2006
Ch. Regius On Geomancy early  Dec 2006
Morgandell Still The One SC Christmas 2006
Ch. Auburns Morgandell ShastaSummer 2008
Morgandell Borzoi and Silken Windhounds
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