Morgandell Borzoi & Silken Windhounds

The triplets at 12 weeks
November 14th, 2008
12 week old Fleur posing for a fleeting
moment..   She and her sister Navarra
are showing great lure interest at their
first practice event
Navarra in a brief pose. She especially is
lure crazy (we hope it sticks)
Trucking right along in the photo below.
Jett one week out of heart surgery. Her heart murmur was
severe enough to require intervention. So she visited the Davis
cardiac center for a valvuloplasty, an operation similar to an
angiogram. She is doing great!
By Rarities Ch. Talisman's Ursa Major SRCXX

the arrival of Teddy's 3 new daughters out of Xerox on Friday Nov. 14.
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Out of Rarities Ch. Kristull Daiquiri
pictured here at 8 1/2 years while still nursing
her six week old pups. She has since been on a
diet. No more polishing off the puppy bowl!