Morgandell Navarra
Morgandell Borzoi & Silken Windhounds
The triplets at 13 weeks
November 14th, 2008
Wow! A Puppy Treasure found in an old bone.

Below a moment of repose in the Fall leaves
to reflect on her next adventure. She is
always on the move unless biting Navarra or
sleeping under my computer desk!
Making "bonnets" and checking out
mom's nest. Watching her run circles
this afternoon her body control is
amazing. With the budding athleticism,
it's hard to believe she's a klutz. She
falls off the bed regularly onto some
poor unsuspecting Borzoi for a soft
landing.  She is 13 wks here
Jett is thriving since her heart surgury. A game
and smart little girl, she is like a bar of soap
slipping through open doors between Borzoi
and people legs. Bright, gay and tail wagging
she leads her sisters astray, more often than
not. She had a lovely smile for the camera today
in the single moment she was not running
circles around them all.
By Rarities Ch. Talisman's Ursa Major SRCX vi
Teddy put the cap on his 3rdX!
Visit Teddy pups out of Xerox at Aigrette  site for updates
Our NAKC/Rarities Ch. Kristull Daiquiri attained her
International Silken Windhound Society required win at 9
1/2 years of age with a
WB, BOW and BOS in Specialty..
She is now
ISWS CH. Kristull Daiquiri
pictured here at 8 1/2 years and still nursing her
six week old pups being awarded a Specialty
Reserve to a major October 2008.
Morgandell Emporada
<  13 wks  ^            "Jett"         5 mo below
Morgandell Catala,  is now called Ondit
(Ondee) We think she's the cutest little tail wagger ever.
Pictured here at 5 months, She has an
exceptional expression, moves very
nicely in a show gait and is on track to
staying in size, as long as she stops
growing soon enough. She is not quite
20" at present. This is an exceptionally
well built youngster.