Morgandell Borzoi & Silken Windhounds
Ch.Morgandell Back In Black -
"Bashir" lives in Minnesota with Sara Ose.
He finished quite handily. I keep hearing
rumors of interest in his services. Perhaps
there will be puppies in his future.
Ch. Morgandell's Affairs ofT'Heart
"Stiva" is a love of a dog who can come home
to Morgandell anytime again. Cherie and
Hunter Malnati love him too, in Ukiah, CA.
Stiva has one leg to his JC before heading
home again. He thought chasing the plastic
bunny was loads of fun..
Morgandell Hearts Afire
"Kucha" is the spoiled darling of Gary and
Beverly Sheridan. They brought this young
man home to keep the lovely red & white
rescue girl Sasha company. He's been quite a
pal and character enriching their lives in
Seattle, Washington
Morgandell Still The One SC
"Graham" our Best In Sweeps
winner and sweetly unassuming boy.
Lost to cancer at 4 years of age.
Long before his time. We miss you
baby.. Bill and Cyndi
Morgandell's Night Thunder
"Spirit" Agility trained and living in
Kirkland, Washington with Sachiko
Morgandell's Lil Red Corvette
"Narisse" had garnered a conformation
major as well as an AKC lure coursing major
before a "bum" pastern slowed her down.
The spoilid darling of Farron and Rebecca
Peffer. The night she drove away with
Farron, she never looked back. I knew she
was going to her forever home..
Morgandell's Layla
the real beauty of the litter went to Brent
and Diane Weaver near Eugene, OR.
Morgandell Rhiannon

Darling Rhiannon left us to live in
Canada with Trish Lockwood and family.
I still miss her despite the springs on her
legs that often took her over the fencing
in Everett..