Morgandell Borzoi & Silken Windhounds
Am Ch.
Regius Beyond Breathless
Ch. Rohnoke Ashton
Rohnoke's Seahawk   
Ch. Rohnoke s Arbor Vitae
Canryff's Christa K of Kelcrest
Seabury's Love Exchange
Int Am. Can Ch. Seabury's Damon
Ch. Seabury's Love Life Itself
Am Can Ch. Koroba's
Lust For Life
Ruoff's Almaz  
Can Ch. Tandoori's Berndt Ruoff
Can Ch Tandoori's Autumn Leaf
Koroba's Blessing In Disguise
Can Ch. The Flying Dutchman
Can Ch. Alexis of Khurasan
Virshina Rosie of Morgandell
Fortrouge Ashley
(Imp UK)
Eng Ch Dimland Petya)
Sadko of Colhugh
Colhugh Oriole of Dimland
Fortrouge Circe
Karrisoff Zaromski
Portia of Fortrouge
Morgandell Manouschka
(14 points both majors)
Ch Kelcrest Red Diamond
Am Can Ch. Kelcrest Night Thunder
Colhugh Charm Dirlov
Ch Morgandell's Hickory
Kelcrest Midnight Blue
Pasha Kyahkta of Westerngale