Morgandell Borzoi
Vanya X Martina Litter 8/10/96
Paull Haffner with Tzaba (Bob) & Tatiana (Katie)
Tzaba at 9 years
I called him Saba as a pup, but his name,
morphed to Bob-dog
Tatiana while she resided with the McDaniel family
My Champion girl Talina
winning one in Puyallup
Sister Tara winning a Specialty
Winners Bitch. Sadly Tara
never gained her last 3 pts. It
was a long way from Idaho to
the "big" shows.
Tersai in his Arizona home 2004. Terry too had his majors and Specialty wins, but
never gained his title. Alas, a lack of interest in showing was the only reason.
Bikini, the clown of the bunch, lived most of her adult life in Idaho,
but at 8 years moved in with the Stephen's in Roseburg, OR
Dear Helens who came back to us
when her owner passed away. She
survived until her eleventh birthday
where she passed quietly in her sleep.
Tamara living with Albert Urlich in Idaho